Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo Birthday Party!

Today (Jan. 6th) is my sister Ashley's Birthday. As a military family we don't have the luxury of spending all those special days, like birthdays, together. So because I didn't want my baby sister to miss out on an awesome least with me absent anyway, I created the below. Happy Birthday Ashley, Love ya!

First we must start with the cake....
Batter Up!

Licky Licky

In it goes!

It's getting there! 

While that's all cooling, I'll share a personal message :)

"to the greatest sis ever!!!!"

"Even though we're 36 hours apart"
"we'll always be connected"

"God made us sisters because he knew the bond would withstand any Friendship"
"Happy 27th, Birthday....(if that's wrong, blame Mom, she wanted me to do Math)

"Kiss Kiss, post it"

The cake is now finished! I even lit candles.....

And then blew them out :D

To a sister across the mountains, foothills, valleys, The Grand Canyon, and a lot of other things, Happy 27th Birthday! It took 2 blows to blow out the's true...we are getting old. Welcome to the club. :)


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