Saturday, December 24, 2011

What is Christmas?

What is Christmas? Is it the birthday of Jesus? Is it a day when you rush down the stairs to see what Santa brought you? Or is it the time of year where you get together with family? No matter what Christmas is to you and your family, in the end, it's about being happy. Accepting what you have and turning it around to be even more magical than what you wish life had given you. 

For me, Christmas is all about being happy and embracing the gifts of life that surround me. The husband who buries himself in the garage putting together the kitchen play set from Nana. The aroma of cake baking in the kitchen, and the peace and quiet of a napping child upstairs. Christmas is unwrapping presents that were given with love and understanding. Smiling faces around the breakfast table that's filled with syrup-y pancakes and waffles, chocolate milk instead of white, and laughter because you just know that life is great by being together. 

Christmas is singing 'Silent Night' and  'What Child is This' along with the radio while dancing together in the living room. Christmas is laughing and playing games instead of being soaked into a video game or Reality TV show. 

Christmas is a lot of things, but mainly it's about being happy and feeling a sense of warmth as the year comes to a close. A time for new beginnings, fresh starts and looking back on how much you have grown as a person in the last year. 

No matter what Christmas means to you, know that without the events of the past year you would have never become who you are this Christmas. Embrace your family, hold onto your treasures, and smile...

It's Christmas! :)


  1. This was such a beautiful post! I'm so jealous of you guys, lol. Merry Christmas to you all!!